Grouch Potato #2 | X Factor Six-Chair Challenge


You may have noticed that recently I’ve been focusing on producing drinking games for television programs, for no apparent reason other than they’re quite easy to make now and are very shareable.

And someone (I keep saying someone, but it was Emily) suggested that I do one for The X Factor. As I discuss in the video, I’m too lazy for that, and the show is just too formulaic.

So instead, with that inspiration in my head, I decided to produce a little video of the X Factor Six-Chair Challenge. And here, you can watch it now…

Essentially, you’ve just watched someone hydrate themselves. Well done you, I’m sure you now feel that was a good use of your time.

A Few Things Of Note

On the cutting floor, there are essentially lots of clips of me filling up a shot glass with a jug: the least rock ‘n’ roll thing.

I’m too quiet, I know. I thought I’d resolved that issue from last time, but evidently by not enough.

Additionally, I decided to use background music so when I talk for a minute, it hopefully didn’t seem too awkward. I used the following piece of music, looped:

“Professor Umlaut” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

This is an idea I stole from m’friend Chris, so as is courteous, it’s only right to share a link of his far-superior video-making skills: Disappointment.

I’ve also realised the lack of ‘charisma’ I have (not that I thought I had much anyway). I am obviously reading my laptop, for which I apologise. And also, I need to learn to finish what I’m saying before moving to make editing a lot easier.

All of that on top of my ineptitude to actually talk clearly, thus the need for subtitles, doesn’t make for the most comfortable viewing ever. But it has helped me to realise why some people never seem to understand a word I am saying.

However, despite all the issues I’ve noted above, I ploughed on because how can I ever hope to get better if I don’t carry on trying? I’ve not made a video for nigh on 10 months, because of how bad I felt they were. So I’m squelching my way through the muck, to hopefully start doing better.

And to whet your appetite, next week I’ll be releasing a much shorter video, purely full of self-indulgence, that I feel is already better…

If you want a better look, here is the painting which appeared in the video:

Pollice Verso
Pollice Verso (Thumbs Down) by Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1872


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