Hello. I’m Stuart. Pleased to meet you, sort of…

At least meeting in this way means I haven’t got to shake your sweaty, germ-infested hand.

Stuart Collyer
Stuart Collyer

Anyway. I’ve been writing on the Internet for years. I have lost count of the number of websites I’ve had overall. They’re often just a platform for me to write on.

It spurred me on to go to The University of East London where I got a degree in Journalism Studies with Creative and Professional Writing.

And as a result, I now have a job doing writing blog posts. I feel I can finally refer to myself as a ‘Professional Writer’, as well as a misanthrope.

I get paid to write about fire safety, business marketing, and nothing in between. I enjoy it. I get paid to write blogs. What could be better? Well, writing in this way means it never gets credited to my name. But I can live with that.

So this website is completely credited to me. And I plan on giving myself full credit. In fact, I even wrote the sentence you’re reading now… High praise indeed!

But I don’t want you to misinterpret The Misanthrope.

Yes, I am he. And I like to rant and rave about often mundane things. Browse my past two blogs and you’ll get a sense of that yourself. The Blog of Stuart and The Misanthrope’s Guide to London.

Go on, have a look now. I don’t mind waiting for you to come back…

Yes, I really am that grumpy. But because I vent it in these various channels, it allows me to be happier in my day-to-day life; sometimes.

If you really want to know even more about me, then read my first post: Introducing The Misanthrope.

This website is the end result of all my experiences, the things I love to do, and what I have learnt.

Over time, this website will grow. It’s good enough for now, but it will get better.

And I plan to make much more use of this particular page. I want to create a list of all the tools I use, a few paid for, but mostly all free. Nothing I have done is difficult, and that’s why I’ve done it. But I also want to share it with you all, because you might find it interesting and useful.

If you need to ever contact me, you can use the form below:


Many thanks,

Stuart Collyer

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