So, It’s The End Of The World

So, It's The End Of The World

So, It's The End Of The WorldMankind has evolved and survived for many years through plague, natural disasters, world wars, and over 60 years of Eurovision, but it seems the end of the world is now nigh.

I’m not going to wander the streets with that sentence written on a cardboard plaque, wearing only a long overcoat and screaming at people passing by, as I’m far too British and civilised for that charade. However, with the Doomsday clock ticking closer to midnight since Trump turning American politics into a steaming pile of *ahem* and farted his way into office, it’s hard to not surmise that the humanity as we know it will soon be ending.

It’s a shame because I think we’re close to getting life on Earth just the way we want it with food and technology aplenty. We’re only a few decades until the robots can work for us, writing better blogs than I can, so I can just sit watching Netflix as my bones turn into a stew. How will I earn a living? Well, I’m going to buy a robot when prices come down, send it out for work, and collect its wages.

Anyway, I’m digressing into long paragraphs.

With Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un trading insulting like two kids in the playground, so-called ISIS trying to bring down the western world with suicide killers lacking a basic IQ, and Brexit (everything is Brexit’s fault), then it’s only a matter of time until we turn into dust. And I suspect Earth will have better fortunes without us on it.

Stopping The Inevitable

Granted, I’m no expert in apocalyptic situations or calming confrontation, but I think the inevitable is unstoppable. Our efforts with electric cars and energy saving light bulbs are laudable, and will, of course, help save our planet. But it’s all in vain.

I can’t see what will stop the testiculation between the US and North Korea. Kim is going to be in power until he dies, and that could be decades away. Trump is somehow immovable, no matter what he says or does, so we may way have to wait out his term in office which ends in:

Unfortunately, a lot could happen in that time, including the end of the world. But before you take the advice of someone whose advice you shouldn’t take, on the plus side, I personally also think it is just testiculation from which nothing will happen. It’s a couple of blokes arguing about who has the biggest knob, but neither wanting to actually whack theirs out in case there’s is even smaller than that of their nemesis.

Is This War?

It’s commonly said now that modern warfare has changed and the days of people sitting for months in a cold, wet and muddy field for months in a stalemate is over. It’s likely that we’re already at war, it’s just we’re not sure who it’s with.

‘So-called ISIS’ haven’t got the resources for large-scale attacks, but they can manage events which we recognise as terrorist incidents, where individuals go out into public spaces and try their best to injure/kill as many people as possible with a home-made bomb or rented vehicle.

But don’t be thinking it’s all one way because Western countries are regularly undertaking drone attacks and killing their people, who are sometimes innocent civilians.  War is no longer large scale battles, they smaller attacks on ordinary people going about their usual business.

Part of that reason why war has changed is that weapons have changed. There would no longer be a stalemate because mass destruction could be caused within minutes, which would be catastrophic.

The one saving grace of having nuclear weapons is that, despite all the testiculation, the reality is that there is still a reluctance to use them. Not only because it could potentially kill millions, and harm millions more, but because whoever did press the big red button first would find the entire world vying for their blood.

End of the world

Despite his ignorance and contempt for everyone, I think Trump actually wants to be even more popular and loved than Obama was/is. And although he isn’t exactly doing a good job of achieving it, he knows starting nuclear war would be the very last nail in his already-well-secured coffin.

As for Kim, despite everything he says and does, I think he knows he and his country wouldn’t last long as the target of an actual war.


So what do you know, it seems like this is a stalemate after all. It is just like ‘traditional’ war. Guns from both sides aimed at both sides, for years, without anyone actually pulling the trigger. The only exception is that the guns are aimed via cosy offices, with a PR guy in the mix.

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