Introducing The Misanthrope


I am the one I call The Misanthrope.

I am also a serial blogger. Here are my favourite two: The Blog of Stuart and The Misanthrope’s Guide to London.

You may have noticed a theme developing already.

Although this is my new blog, I hope that in time, this will become the go-to website for all misanthropes. You’ll be able to come here and learn about everything that’s going on in the world, even including celebrity gossip. However, you may have to go somewhere else for sports news… Try the BBC; their sports coverage is pretty good.


I’ve had my viewpoint on life for many years, and shared it with the world, via my writing, for some time.

Mostly because I like writing.

And as a creative person, I also like photography. You can see this here: Stuart Collyer Photography.Stuart_and_Emily

You’ll notice that even here, I have an aversion to humanity. I love a good, beautiful landscape. I love to just sit and watch the world go by, joined only by animals and even sometimes Emily.

Before I went to University, I had these traits. But it is during my three years living in London when it developed into what it is today. My ability to suffer morons gladly is virtually at 0%.

I like certain people. I mean, the chances are if you’ve stumbled here, you’re the sort of person I’d like. I’m sure that makes you feel good about yourself.

But there are a huge number of people I don’t like. No-one particularly specific. From reading what I have posted on other blogs, and consuming what I post here, you’ll soon realise that. My miserableness is non-discriminatory and my cynicism is varied. Hopefully, it will sometimes be amusing.

And you’ll notice I said ‘consume’ as opposed to ‘read’ when I mentioned this website. That’s because I am spreading my horizons. I will be multi-platform.

There will be blogs, and plenty of them. There will also be vlogs, even if I can’t bear to watch them back myself. I’m even going to attempt some shareable content. I bet you’re intrigued.

I have been slowly putting all this together over the past few months. Getting ideas together and getting stuff created. I now have a batch of things ready to post.

I was going to hold off a little longer, but I grew impatient.

So please accept that this website is good enough for now, but it will be better.

And I promise that I won’t cover it in Google Ads just to make a few pence. I wouldn’t visit a website like that, then I wouldn’t expect you to either.

So come and consume me for free, you know you want too…

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