The Social Media Sharing Curse

The Social Media Sharing CurseWe’ve all seen those posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as received those chain emails from people we’ve not spoken to for 5 years.

The sort which orders us to continue the link and carry on with social media sharing.

Then in return, something good will happen, or something bad won’t happen.

If you share it with your friends within 1 minute you will meet the love of your life tomorrow. Or if you don’t, then you’ll be forever alone.

Share this post with 10 friends then you’ll have good luck. Or if you don’t, the ghost of a dead 5 year old girl who was savagely murdered will haunt you every night for a month.

Facebook haven’t told you this, but they’ll soon start charging you for every dull thing you post. If you copy and paste this onto your profile, then you’ll be exempt. Share this with your friends before it’s too late.

Or if you want another example, here’s one I made earlier.

Remember, you’ll have to share this blog post to make it come true.

And that raises a point… Has any of these ever come true? I’m pretty confident the answer is no.

Social Media Marketing

This is social media marketing at its best. Making stupid people do their marketing for them.

The one issue is that it advertises nothing… Besides the fact that people are morons who will do everything and anything you tell them to do.

Why do people do it? Is it just the knowledge that something they wrote is being read by people around the world? Or do they just enjoy emotionally blackmailing strangers?

Who knows? They probably don’t.

It’s just a shame they don’t want to do something more worthwhile. Share an inspiring story and build relationships with strangers.

Or just waste your time writing mini-rants like this…

Either way, please stop. I don’t want to continue living in a world where my timelines are full of this rubbish. But I also don’t want to pay for Facebook either, so I’m torn really…

Try To Be Social...

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