The Taxing Issue

The Taxing IssueRecently, you may be aware, there has been a bit of discussion about whether or not rich people should pay tax.

These rich people that you may have heard of, are putting their money into ‘businesses’ abroad in tax havens. This is somewhere where they have to pay little or no tax. Therefore, their huge wealth is free from getting taxed, like it would over here.

It’s one of those stories which everyone is angry about, even though we all sort of suspected it.

No-one is surprised by the story. And no-one is surprised by the people who are involved. And especially no-one is surprised it handed in Panama.

Yet it’s all we’ve heard about, in between threats about staying in/leaving Europe and the occasional Trump/armageddon story.

Why Are We Taxed?

The likes of you and me pay tax on our earnings. Assuming my earnings don’t change (but hopefully they will), I’ll be paying a little over £300 this year.

Not a massive amount, I’m sure you’ll agree. It probably won’t even repay the water I used to flush toilets and wash my hands when I was at school. But it is my contribution nonetheless.

You see, I don’t mind paying my taxes. I pay my road tax to drive on the roads. And I pay my taxes because of the benefits I have received from the NHS (like straight teeth) and the schooling system (which got me to Univerity)…

However, I’ll gloss over the lack of help they offered me when I was unemployed…

Since I started working, HM Revenue And Customs were determined to charge me tax, despite not actually earning enough to cross the earning threshold. I had to fight and fight to keep that money, despite the clear evidence.

They were so determined to take my minuscule input. So it raises the question: Why aren’t they going for the big bucks instead of my comparatively tiny pay-packet?

Everyone who has so much success that they have vast wealth behind them, got where they are thanks to people paying their taxes.

Previous generations paid their taxes so that they could receive all that support that helped make them the person they are today.

So why are they not willing to repay that gratitude so that the next generations can do just as well, if not better? That’s what really grinds my gears.

They were willing to take it but go to extreme lengths to avoid giving a little percentage back.

None of us want to have a health system like the US. But then you get the same people who aren’t willing to pay into an arrangement which makes that so.

I’ve not moved my money abroad to avoid tax, so I’m not sure how hard it is… But it sounds like a lot of effort to go to just to avoid paying into a country you should be proud to be a part from.

And that’s relevant for whatever country you’re from, not just the UK.

My Radical Plan

It’s unlikely I’ll ever become Prime Minister; I’ve come to terms with that fact.

But I have an idea which will make some of you uncomfortable. It will drastically change our futures and how democracy works across the globe.

Are you ready?

I have this radical plan to ask large, wealthy corporations, and individuals who own a vast wealth, who are doing phenomenally well, to start paying their fair share of taxes.

It may not quite pay off the deficit, give junior doctors what they want, AND drastically improve our countries infrastructure. But it would damn sure help.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an MP, sports personality, or successful comedian. If you make a lot of money, then you can afford to give a relatively small proportion of it back.

Forget Google, Facebook, and Starbucks making a goodwill gesture to the Government of however much they want when public pressure is on them. Tax them 20% of everything they make over a certain limit. Just like they do me and you.

If British people are saving up money, from what they have left after tax deductions, to use a service, then it’s only right some of that goes to the British taxman. Because that will, in turn, help to make our lives that little bit better.

I’m not David Cameron’s biggest fan. BUT, I do wish people would leave off his own personal tax affairs. After all, it turns out that he’s actually been above board on this issue, if a little secretive.

Instead, the focus would be better placed on the people and companies who are not paying theirs correctly. Because they’re off living a life of luxury when disabled people back home are struggling to make ends meet.

I have no objection to them enjoying their wealth, but it’s only right they don’t just ignore the other 99.9% of the world’s population who struggle. After all, it’s likely that they have their wealth as a result of us mortals.

Otherwise, they have no morality. In which case, they don’t deserve a single thing they have.

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