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It was whilst taking a walk that I started to think about all the different impressions I have in my repertoire. That then led to the thought that I reckon I could perform all the impressions in just one second, whilst still ensuring they were all recognisable.

After all, that’s the key. It’s one thing to say you can do impressions, but another thing entirely to actually have them recognisable.

For example, my impression of my Dad is literally just a deep, sulky voice. In context, it’s my best impression ever. However, in reality, I just sound like I’ve been punched in the throat.

My impression of my Fiancée is equally as good. It’s a high-pitched whine which I use to mimic her, but in all honesty, I’m not sure someone would instantly know who it was.

However, with all the impressions in the following clip, they are well established, lifelike and recognisable.

So now is your opportunity to see the limits of ability. Watch the following video before carrying on to avoid any spoilers.

Good right?

I personally believe that what I achieved is hard to beat. Even the likes of Jon Culshaw and Alistair McGowan would have trouble bettering what I did.

And if you’re feeling a bit cheated by what I actually did, then you only have yourself to blame. Your expectations must have been wildly absurd. Remember, this is just in one second.

I never said it was a particularly impressive or record-breaking feat. It was literally just a demonstration of what I am able to achieve.

More than anything, I thought I’d do a silly video showing my range of impressions, before realising how limited my range was. And from there, it turned into an even sillier video.

And besides, it was very quick to make and required little effort. In fact, I’ve probably put more effort into making the accompanying blog post, than the actual video itself…

The Misanthrope Challenges

If you have any suggestions for other things you’d like to see me do, then comment below or contact me via one of the usual channels of communication.

However, please note I reserve the right to ignore any challenges I don’t want to do, or are wildly unrealistic.

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