The United ‘For God’s Sake’ Of America

Finally. The months and months and months of Presidential campaigning are finally over. But now it is, many people are, understandably, not very happy with who will be the next American President.

President Trump.

If we thought the Brexit result was bad, America well and truly has gone and Trumped us. And this creates a real problem.

Throughout this campaign, it’s been obvious from the other side of the pond, that America is divided. And that’s completely down to one man.

And somehow, he won. That is an achievement which baffles, amazes and worries me and a lot of other people. He was just invincible.

Any one of the controversies which surrounded him would bring down a whole political establishment if it had happened to anyone else.

What sort of person even says the sentence “Grab ‘em by the pussy”? The TV presenter who heard him say it was fired, and yet the man who actually said it was looked on disapprovingly for all but 5 seconds.

Yet, his main rival, who sent emails from the wrong email address, is lauded as a fraud, a liar, and someone who cannot be trusted.

Let’s just forget that Trump is the first president-elect in history to not publish his tax returns, to have gone bankrupt, and claimed he was clever because he didn’t pay taxes in the very country he is soon to be president of.

Why Does It Matter?

Something I see a lot on social media whenever there a political discussion to be had is to claim it makes no difference to them. And more worrying, they berate people who want to talk about it, as people who know nothing.

We need to have these discussions. On one hand, people claim the young are disenfranchised by politics, and then on the other, they say we shouldn’t talk about it and shut up? Because people are not entitled to opinions I suppose.

Who is president of the USA does matter to us in the UK. And it matters to everyone in the world. He is soon to be the man with control of that big red button which could destroy nations and cause global panic if pressed. In fact, that’s probably putting the potential nuclear winter mildly.

Of course, it isn’t something which is likely to affect me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t consider the wider implications outside my own existence.

It matters that Trump is a hatemonger. It matters that he is racist, sexist, bigoted, and every other type of hate that exists. It matters that he wants to build a wall and it matters that it wants to reverse the LGBT rights which Obama strived for.

And that definitely matters in a country where guns are good and shootings are considered part of life. Obama spent eight years trying to have stricter restrictions on guns, and yet despite the hundreds of mass shootings, he couldn’t convince people they were bad. Now we have someone who is likely to advocate the use of guns.

Can you think of ANYTHING positive that Trump is likely to bring about in the country? Yet, just the fact that Obama was elected, positively promoted equal rights. However, the country isn’t ready for a WOMAN to tell them what to do, despite the fact she was right for the job.

I would never apply for a job I wasn’t qualified to do. Hillary was probably the most qualified presidential candidate for decades. All Trump can do is run a business empire badly.

Enjoy Obama While He’s Around

As someone who is neither a political expert nor an America, I’m probably not qualified to say this, but I’d say Barack Obama is the best president for a long, long time.

He’s not had one controversy in those eight years.

The only thing which jumps to mind was the incorrect accusation that he wasn’t born in America… An idea which, of course, Trump was behind.

Obama has done so much good for the country. And Trump coming into office directly after means his legacy is likely to be destroyed before he’s even moved out.

I love Obama. I love him so much a dreamily doodle Mr Stuart Obama on notepads…

Stuart 4 Obama

Every video I see of him I love. Whether it’s meeting Prince George in his dressing gown, putting protesters in their place, reading out mean tweets on American TV, or simply showing his genuine good sense of humour.

No world leader even comes close. He is perfect.

American’s just don’t know how lucky they were.

And the thought of a President Trump even made David Attenborough suggest the possibility that “We could shoot him…”

People Who Want To See The World Burn

‘Those who don’t want change are weak’.

I’ve heard it a lot this year. And being happy with how things are is not a sign of weakness. In fact, what is weak is wanting to just give up and completely change tactic.

Voters are taking the easy route. They don’t like something – anything – then they assume doing the opposite of what we do now is the best option.

Unhappy that there is mass unemployment, and that industries are completely being lost? Then fine, let’s cut off all contact with the outside world, build a wall, become self-efficient and scorn anyone who thinks otherwise.

Of course, that plan works until you want Strawberries between October and May, and realise that you need them from another country.


Of course, that’s exactly what we’re being.

Am I talking about Brexit or the American election? Who knows? They’re so interchangeable it’s worrying. It’s this kind of discord that will help Russia rule the world yet.

im-with-stupidBy the way, could someone tell me what the problem is with being united, especially when it’s the name of the country you live in?

Brexit x10

It’s what Trump wanted, and it’s what he got. We even loaned him our own hatemonger to help him achieve it.

But look at how successful Brexit is. Everything is either more worthless or more unaffordable. And after all that, we’re not even sure if we’re legally/politically allowed to do it anyway.

And rather than JUST ACCEPTING THE RESULT, and MAKING IT WORK, the Government has chosen to fight against the ruling that PM’s should be allowed to vote.

‘Article 50 should have been invoked the day we voted to leave’ is the rash opinion of Leave voters.

But no-one can tell me why we shouldn’t take our time and make it work? It’s not about distraction tactics, or simply putting it off, it’s about doing it properly. And if that means MPs (who you vote for) should be allowed to have a say in the decision-making, then so be it.

Let’s just put it out there now – the UK will leave the EU. Regardless of whether Members of Parliament vote, they’re incredibly unlikely to go against the ‘democratic’ vote.

If anything, Prime Minister May is distracting you by thinking she’s fighting for your cause, when in reality, she’s fighting a losing battle and wasting time.

And to everyone who suggests losers should shut up, here’s Ian Hislop to shut you up and prove you wrong. You cannot tell other people how to feel.

Don’t Shut Up

It’s unlikely that anything is going to change this result now, and hopefully, we’ll all be proved wrong and he will end up doing great things (I know it’s unlikely, but still…). After all, it’s in everyone’s interest that he does.

But that doesn’t mean people should just roll over and accept it. By having people always fighting in the other corner (like Labour are not doing now), you hope to keep the rulers in check. It means your voice is heard and you can help prevent the negative things from happening.

After all, look at how many Conservative U-Turns there’ve been since 2010.

We have let the promise of all that money going to the NHS go too easily. And President Trump is unlikely to build a wall, anywhere.

But you cannot just forget all those things that have been said either. You need to have a backbone. Theresa May and Boris Johnson scorned Trump, and yet they’ve come out in support of him now, in the hope he throws us some breadcrumbs. They’re no more useful than a damp cloth in situations such as these.

Scotland, France and Germany had leaders who stuck to their convictions, even after Trump’s win.

All I have left to say is that thankfully a female president will come in after Trump and sort the whole mess out. Hopefully, we’ll only have to wait four years. After all, if The Simpsons predictions come true, then it’s a distant glimmer of hope.


America – you’re in our prayers.

And to Obama – call me… 😉

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